Кристиан Костов стана жертва на преследвачи, омраза и хомофобия (ВИДЕО)

Славата, освен много предимства, със сигурност носи със себе си и много недоброжелатели, досадни фенове и проблеми.

От това се оплака Кристиан Костов, който отдавна не живее в България, а съдбата го отведе в Китай, където стана истинска звезда. Каналът "Music Virals" във vbox7 разказва:

So... Something happened today and I feel like I have to address the situation. As an artist, I’m used to taking pictures, videos, boomerangs, selfies, shoutouts, say-hi-to-insert name videos, you get the idea, right? So... I was on this business meeting today, woke up really early, didn’t feel nor look good and was just not having the best day. I decided to go and get some chocolate milk to cheer me up and there was this guy waiting for me outside (still don’t know how come they knew where I was, but whatever...). They said “hi, Kris, let’s take a selfie” and I looked back and kindly asked them not to take pictures of me today and not to follow me, cause I’m just not in the mood. It is not the first time I see them, I KNOW for a fact that we have at least 5-7 selfies already. So... I get my stuff and I see him running around looking for me and calling somebody. I went back to the meeting. 30mins later we finished and when we went outside, there were 4 grown adults waiting for me demanding a photo, justifying it with them having waited for 1h for me to come out. They outright told me that I am OBLIGED to do so because I’m a public figure and I don’t have a right to personal space. Again, I kindly refused, because I get scared of people stalking me. Then me and Maria had to run from there while Daniel stayed behind having a heated argument with them. And now I get a hate message (don’t know how they know my phone number, but I’m not even surprised at this point) saying: “it’s sad that I once loved your work, but you are a big piece of garbage, lowly scrawny faggot (homophobia, hi 👋). Go back to Vienna” etc etc. I will say it once. I’m not a “thing” or someone’s “property”. I have my own feelings and free will. I DO feel responsible for my actions towards people who support me and I’m trying my best to live up to everyone’s expectations, be a good person, you know. But you can’t imagine how many times people are just rude and entitled and you’re walking on eggshells trying to find the best words for refusing without starting another “drama”. 99 times of 100, I will say “yeah, sure, let’s do it” but having that 1/100 would be nice 😅 Swipe left🙏

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В дълъг текст под снимката по-горе разказва, че като цяло е свикнал да се снима с фенове, но един от тях просто прекрачил границата.

i have a nest on my head c:

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Той го помолил да си направят селфи, но тъй като Крис не се харесвал по начина, по който изглеждал в момента, му отказал. Освен това се сетил, че вече са се снимали и то не веднъж.

shot by @kingvuddha

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Фенът му обаче продължил да ходи след него, а Кристиан влязъл в бизнес среща. След срещата обаче го причакали още хора, които настоявали да се снимат.

time difference is crazy goodnight !

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Хората му казали, че той е длъжен да се снима с тях и като публична личност няма право на лично пространство.
Изпълнителят все пак успял да избяга от феновете си, но започнал да получава изпълнени с омраза съобщения. Те съдържали обиди и хомофобските нападки.

bOyS sHouLd nOt WeaR piNk 👅

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Крис подчертава, че има свободна воля, свои чувства, а феновете му го подкрепиха.


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