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The value of the drug intercepted is estimated at 11 million leva
Customs inspectors at Sofia Airport have intercepted a very large haul of liquefied methamphetamine in a shipment of vanilla extract from Mexico, Stefan Bakalov, head of the Drug Enforcement Department of the Customs Agency, said on Wednesday. 

The drug was detained on October 28. The recipient of the shipment has been tracked down and arrested while computers and mobile phones were seized from his home. Charges of drugs trafficking have been pressed against the person, who, if convicted, can receive a prison sentence of between 10 and 15 years, and a 200,000 leva fine. 

Bakalov said that the drug was found in 450 bottles which were labelled as containing vanilla extract. A similar quantity of methamphetamine - 500 l, was detained in Australia several months ago, Bakalov said.
The value of the drug intercepted in Sofia is estimated at 11 million leva at prices of the justice systems, but is said to cost four times as much at black market prices. The investigation in the case continues.