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Parliament adopted on first reading revisions to the 2021 State budget with 130 votes in favour, 45 votes against (GERB-UDF) and 20 abstentions (Movement for Rights and Freedoms), BTA reported.

The government has argued consistently that budget revenues have already overshot the target and allow for increased expenditure, but they needed Parliament's sanction through the budget revision, to be able to spend more and handle the looming health and migrant crisis.

It transpired during the debate that even those who voted in favour of the revisions, would propose that the figures be tweaked before they are put to a final vote.

The possibility for the Government to decide how to distribute the additional funds was among the main objections voiced by the political forces during the debates in Parliament. According to the parliamentary groups, this should be Parliament's prerogative.

GERB-UDF are against the budget update, because it does not trust the caretaker Government, which proposed it.

Caretaker Finance Minister Assen Vassilev said that the main proposals between first and second reading should be discussed with the trade unions and employers. "I am assuming the responsibility to work actively with MPs between the two readings, who wish for corrections to be made," Vassilev said.

Parliament extended until September 7 the deadline for making proposals between first and second reading of the budget update.