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The PM Boyko Borissov stated on Facebook
In 11 years, Bulgaria has increased its net assets per capita three times, to 9,586 euro, PM Boyko Borissov wrote on Facebook, citing a survey by German insurance company Allianz.

За последните 11 години България е увеличила три пъти своите нетни активи на глава от населението до 9586 евро. Това е...

Публикувахте от Бойко Борисов в Вторник, 13 октомври 2020 г.

Thanks to the good results in recent years Bulgarian households and the economy are prepared for the crisis. This is not something that should reassure us. A sensible financial policy, the fight against contraband and investments have enabled us to, once again, raise salaries in the budget sector by another 10%, Boyko Borissov writes.

Minimum pension expected to increase by 50BGN to reach 300BGN as of 2021

He adds that the government will give pensioners an additional 25 euro a month until the end of the pandemic, and will continue to pursue its policies for assisting businesses, which have helped save 300,000 jobs.