/ Георги Димитров
On Wednesday, Parliament discussed the establishment of 22 standing parliamentary committees, BTA reported.

It was decided that the There Is Such a People party will head seven standing parliamentary committees. GERB-UDF, BSP for Bulgaria and Democratic Bulgaria (DB) received four committee chair positions each, and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) received two.

The chairmanship of the Committee on Control over Security Services, Implementation and Use of Special Surveillance Means and Access to Electronic Communications Data will occur on a rotating basis for every parliamentary session. Its chairmanship will be taken over first by Svetlin Stoyanov from TISP, then by Hristo Terziiski from GERB-UDF, followed by Filip Popov from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Ivan Dimitrov from DB, and Elhan Kalkov from MRF.

The TISP party will head the following committees: Budget Committee with Chair Lubomir Karimanski; Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs with Chair Andrey Mihailov; the Energy and Climate Committee with Chair Ivan Hinovski; the Foreign Policy Committee with Chair Dimitar Gardev; the Committee on Agriculture with Chair Plamen Abrovski. The Healthcare Committee will be headed by Silvi Kirilov Petrov, who was nominated for health minister in the party's second draft cabinet. And Nikolay Radulov will chair the Committee for Public Order and Security.

GERB-UDF will head the Committee on European Union Affairs with Chair Tomislav Donchev, the Transport Committee with Chair Rosen Zhelyazkov, the Committee on Culture and Media with Chair Toma Bikov and the Human Rights Committee with Chair Radomir Cholakov.

DB will head the Environment and Water Committee with Chair Borislav Sandov, the Committee on Digitalization, Electronic Government and Information Technologies with Chair Ivaylo Mirchev, the Committee for Interaction with Civil Society with Chair Tsetska Bachkova and the Committee on Policies for Bulgarians Abroad with Chair Antoaneta Tsoneva.

The BSP will head the Defence Committee with Chair Atanas Zafirov, the Social Committee with Chair Georgi Gokov, the Education Committee with Chair Irena Anastasova and the Committee on Children, Youth and Sports with Chair Ivan Chenchev.

The MRF will head that Committee on Economic Policy, Innovation and Tourism with Chair Yordan Tsonev and the Committee on Regional Policy with Chair Halil Letifov.

At the beginning of the discussion, the Rise Up BG! Here We Come! formation said that they did not want chairs and vice-chairs in any of the 22 committees.

''This is not done in a parliamentary republic, if everyone follows your example and withdraws their nominations for chairmen and deputy chairmen, the committees will be left without leadership,'' National Assembly Chair Iva Miteva reacted.