The order envisages that at least 50% of the staff should be allowed to work remotely, where possible
As of August 20, all administrations shall organize their work with flexible work schedules. The working day shall begin between 7.30am and 10am, reads an order of Bulgaria’s Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov.

The order also envisages that at least 50% of the staff should be allowed to work remotely, where possible, BNR reported. The new work schedule is expected to significantly reduce passenger flow in the public and the interurban transport, which will facilitate the compliance with the anti-epidemic measures. The measure may not apply, if 100% of the personnel is vaccinated.

The new order of Bulgaria’s Minister of Health also concerns:

-congresses, conferences and trainings;
-cultural and entertainment events;
-sporting events with spectators;
-fitness centers, swimming pools and SPA;
- day-care facilities;
-catering establishments and entertainment facilities.