/ Георги Димитров
"We are also deciding what future we want to have," he said
In an address to the nation on the eve of the November 14 elections for president and for Parliament, President Rumen Radev, who is seeking a second term in office, urged the Bulgarians to go to the polls. "Let everyone who cares about Bulgaria, here, and abroad, give their vote for the future of Motherland," Radev said.

"On Sunday we are electing not just MPs, a president and vice president, but we are also deciding what future we want to have," Radev said.

Noting that the Sunday elections will be the third time in 2021 when the Bulgarians go to the polls, Radev said that the country is faced with pressing tasks that require legislative resolutions, including the passage of the 2022 state budget.

Radev urged everyone to give their "free, conscious and responsible vote" on Sunday, BTA reported. "Many do not vote because they are afraid of being misled. However, the elections are just the opposite - an opportunity to sanction lying, to sanction those who take money from your pockets and rob your future. The elections are an opportunity to choose the people who will shape the moral face of power, to set the directions in which you want Bulgaria to develop," Radev said.

In conclusion, the President said that the more Bulgarians vote, the more stable the institutions will be "and the weaker the mafia which relies on people's apathy".