Earlier on Friday, GERB-UDF presented their draft cabinet at a news conference
President Rumen Radev on Friday handed an exploratory mandate for forming a government to Daniel Mitov, who had been designated for Prime Minister by the second largest parliamentary group GERB-UDF in the 46th National Assembly. Mitov returned the mandate immediately, as the parliamentary group had promised to do.

"Unfortunately, we don't see a chance for the second mandate to be successfully completed," Mitov told the head of State.

Earlier on Friday, GERB-UDF presented their draft cabinet at a news conference, BTA reported.

Mitov told the news conference that under the current political situation things cannot go like this and that Bulgaria needs a stable government.

The country is facing crises which have to be managed, and they can be managed only through a government, supported by a clearly formulated and formatted parliamentary majority, said Mitov.

Daniel Mitov said that GERB would unveil the names of ministers in a possible GERB cabinet so that people are able to make comparisons and know the potential of the coalition.

"This is a draft cabinet which we won't present to the President and the National Assembly, as we are in a situation which can not be resolved through this second mandate," said Mitov. "The deep division which has been created in Bulgarian society between the institutions and political parties has led to this that we cannot rely on a constructive dialogue and negotiations on policies and a coalition agreement," said Mitov. "Because of this we should not delay the procedure and should act responsibly before the voters. We'll give the President a chance to make a swift decision for handing the third government forming mandate", Mitov said.

The largest parliamentary group, There Is Such a People (TISP), unsuccessfully completed their mandate so that the President will have to offer a third and last mandate to a smaller parliamentary group of his choice.