"We will not take part in unprincipled coalitions," Antoaneta Stefanova
Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev handed the government-forming mandate to Antoaneta Stefanova, nominated for prime minister by the second biggest parliamentary group in the 45th National Assembly - “There Is Such a People”. She handed the mandate back immediately explaining that the party will not “take part in unprincipled coalitions”.

Bulgaria's President to hand second government-forming mandate on Wednesday

“Bulgaria needs a regular and effective cabinet. But I understand your motives", President Radev said after taking back the folder. “We made a promise and keep it,” chess champion Stefanova underlined.

President Radev to hand second government-forming mandate in the upcoming days

Now the President has to decide which of the remaining four political formations in the parliament should receive a mandate. If the third attempt to form a government within the 45th National Assembly fails, Radev will appoint a caretaker cabinet, dissolve the National Assembly and schedule new elections.